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StormFender™ docking solutions are underpinned by a patented modular design incorporating high quality materials broadly recognized for durability and performance in a marine environment. StormFender™ docking solutions deliver not only superior hull and dock protection but also simplify the docking process resulting in a better boating experience for all aboard. You’ll gain peace-of-mind with StormFender™ alongside.


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Why you need StormFender™

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All Weather Performance

Dock mounting provides optimal fender positioning for reliable hull protection in all weather conditions!


Docking Made Easy

Simplifies docking process for captain and crew – no hanging fenders required!


Hull & Dock Friendly

UV and abrasion resistant fabric cover with impact absorbing foam core will not damage your hull! No mechanical fasteners penetrating decking of dock.


Easily Installed

No expert needed, StormFender is easy to install with only 3 tools required! See our simple 7 Step Install below.


No Maintenance

Non-absorbent, resistant to water and petroleum products. No maintenance required.


Looks Great

Linear design provides a clean aesthetic look that is available in custom lengths!


Four Year Warranty

We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to burst or break our StormFender dock & boat fender system. In a world often defined by the unexpected, we want you to know we stand behind our products, 100%!! We offer our customers what we believe is an industry leading no-hassle four-year “fender-to-fender” personal use warranty. In short, if you have any problem, please notify us, and if necessary we’ll ask you to send the fender back. We’ll simply fix it or replace it, no worries!

Click here for the details from our lawyers, who have also proven themselves to be unbreakable!


2015 Miami International Boat Show
Innovation Award Winner

Docking & Fendering Equipment Category

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Simple Installation

Step 1

Determine where on the dock face you want your fender attached; ensure sufficient substructure available for securely fastening at least six screws through track and into dock’s structure.

Step 2

Pre-set six stainless steel screws into mounting track’s pre-drilled holes.

Step 3

Align top of mounting track slightly below top edge of dock face or at the elevation desired.

Step 4

Drive top center screw through mounting track and into dock face / substructure.

Step 5

Level the mounting track and drive a second stainless screw. Check with level and then drive the remaining stainless screws ensuring screw heads are flush with mounting track’s face.

Step 6

Holding the fender with bolt-ropes inboard; guide the bottom bolt-rope into the mounting track (approximately 1”) and then guide the top bolt-rope into the mounting track, slide fender into place.

Step 7

Insert one “square-drive” stainless screw into the pre-drilled hole located at the top of the mounting track and aligned perpendicular to the top grove. This fastener prevents lateral fender movement. (Repeat at opposite end)

Recommended Tools

Cordless Drill | 3/16″ Drill-Bit and Phillips Driver-Bit | Phillips Screwdriver | #1 Square-drive Bit

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